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Welcome to Alima dog training

Building better, stronger relationships between dogs and their humans

Are you often left bewildered by your dogs behaviour?Perhaps, your furry friends antics, leave you exhausted, embarrassed, stressed out, confused or even angry. You are not alone. The truth is dogs communicate with us all the time, we just don't know how to listen. Here at Alima dog training, I will help guide you and your dog into a relationship, that is full of love, mutual understanding and respect.

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Our Services

Personalized Training

Relationship building walk and talk

Fun, gentle, and force free

Come with me on a journey, to enhance your relationship with your dog. We will look at Canine body language and emotion, Games and Exercises, positivity tools, and  confidence building. Be warned though! There will be homework! For the human, not the dog, but it will be fun!

3x1 hour walks £160

Package must be completed within 6 weeks of purchase.



Adolescent antics: walk and talk.

Deep breath and count to ten!

Come with me on a journey into the heart and mind of a canine teenager. This is a 121 walk. Adolescence, is often a testing time and one many dog owners fear. It is imperative we jeep the lines of communication open, and I shall let you into a little secret! Management is key. On these walks we will look at Canine body language and emotion, Games and Exercises, and how to keep it positive. Be warned though, there will be homework! For the human, not the dog, but it will be fun

.3x1 hour walks £160

Package must be completed within 6 weeks of Purchase.

Walking with Dogs

stress free strolls

Would you like a stress free stroll?

Many people for whatever reason, find themselves, becoming anxious when out walking their furry friend, some even find themselves anxious at the mere thought of a walk. This can be due to past trauma, or an unpleasant experience.

Maybe you own a stigmatised breed and are worried about being judged.

Perhaps nothing has ever happened, but you imagination is running riot.

I can help: In these 121 sessions, I can show you techniques, that will help you enjoy your stroll.

2x1 hour Strolls: £110

Package must be completed within 4 weeks of purchase.


Reactive Ramblers: 121 walk and talk.

Don't worry about a thing.

Ever wondered how you can enjoy a walk, with your reactive pooch?I will show you strategies, which will reduce stress for both you and your reactive Rambler. On these walks we will discuss, canine body language and emotion, Games and Exercises plus, equipment you may need.

2 x1 hour walk £110.

Package must be completed within 4 weeks of purchase. 


Pan's Labyrinth: Walk and Talk

We will look together, for the Pan within.

Come with me, on my personal journey, with teenage Pan, my GSD puppy. Learn how I manage his full on, hormone driven, and at times very unreasonable behaviour.
1 hour walk £50


Solo training dog walks

A Little Goes a Long Way

Very occasionally, I have educational dog outing slots. I will take your dog on outings, which will enhance  their social skills, etiquette and confidence

3x1 hour training walks: 105

1x1 hour outing £40

Sunrise over the Wheat Field


Hi, My name is Alima and I run, Alima dog training.

I could bore you with the usual blurb of how I love dogs, how I grew up with dogs, how I have always wanted to work with dogs. Of course all of that is true, but it is no different from what any other trainer would tell you and it doesn't really tell you about me.

Growing up, dogs were often my only source of companionship, they offered me safety, friendship, comfort and a way of escaping from a life that I often found over whelming and scary (I  still do sometimes). They were an ever present help in turbulent times.

I have spent, almost my entire working life, caring for people at their most vulnerable.

Now I would like to help first ever friends. I want you to see, that dogs are more than just mammalian machinery, placed on earth to fulfil mankind's every whim. Dogs are complex, sentient, and highly emotional beings. Who deserve our respect, loyalty and love.

Certified Dog Trainer

Expert in Canine Body Language

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