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Yesterday we arrived at the cottage, it is everything Mum dreamed of! Old, isolated, a woodland with a stream at the back and fields to the front. We are at the bottom of a Farm track, so nobody need come this way, unless they are visiting! Which is a shame as I LOVE people. Mum however does not!

When I got out of the car, I ran like crazy 3,4,5 times around the whole garden, I was so excited, I couldn’t think, just ran and ran and ran. I didn’t even eat my food; I was too gone.

As I ran a memory floated, so fine, that I almost didn’t notice.  I was a very small puppy, with my mother and brothers. I was born in a place like this. All space and quiet. Then I got handed to Mum, and just like that, I became a city dog.

I played football, with the young adults, but I am also a Shepherd, so I needed to inspect, every aspect of the house and garden. I am NOT nosey; I am merely a Shepherd.

Wow! In the Cottage I am allowed to sleep in Mum’s room, at home, I sleep downstairs but, in the cottage, I am allowed upstairs. Which is exciting, except, well, I am scared of the stairs! In my initial excitement I ran up the stairs, without a second thought, in fact I scarcely noticed them! I am embarrassed to admit, that I couldn’t get down. I squeaked like a rubber duck and dribbled, Mum and the young adults, spent ages coaxing me down, eventually I made the scary descent, each step accompanied by a thud and a squeak!! I am not happy about the stairs, but the squeaking, seems to empower me, so up and down I go, making my squeaking sounds.

Since I am now permitted into the bedroom, I have made a vow, to periodically patrol the room and to alert my Mum to any noise I deem untoward. This is the least I can do. I want to repay her trust in me.




The last day of my first ever July!

We explored the woods and stream behind the cottage. There are no paths and Mum says that being in them, is like being far away!  I play in the water, Mum stands and smiles at me.

 Last night my Bro’ went down there and they saw four deer! Oh, how I would have loved that!

I saw a painting once, by Thomas Kincaid called Meadowwood Cottage, Mum loves that painting and she says this cottage is THAT cottage. But according to my research, Mr Kincaid was American and never visited Shropshire!

Ha! Yesterday we got lost, and ended up in big field, I enjoyed the field, lots of dogs and lots of smells. The humans were getting grumpy, big bro said, “Imagine coming all this way on holiday and walking in a field that you could find at home”.

Mum ran to the car and got out 2 frisbees! My goodness! We had such fun, I enjoyed playing so much, that not once did I charge up to say “hello”  to another dog. Even Big Bro (not to be confused with Bro’) stopped complaining. Sometimes my family is more interesting than anything else! I did notice however, that Mum didn’t remove my long line “Just in case” Humph!




Yesterday, we went on a great walk-in different wood. We only found this walk, because a man saw me on his home security camera and came running out. He loves German Shepherds, and he thought I was extremely handsome. I was introduced to his German Shepherd, who looked a bit embarrassed, as everyone knows, you don’t need a security camera, when you have a Sheperd!

I sat politely and spoke only every now and then. Anyway, he told us of a fabulous walk, so off we went. I was allowed to run freely; Mum would call me every now and then and put me back on the lead. I don’t mind though, as she does this all the time, so it doesn’t mean, that the fun is over, or the walk has ended. It is just what she does! I did want to hug a few people, unlike Mum I love, love, love folks. But Mum says, I just need to be less enthusiastic in my “Hello’s” and until then, staying close to her is best.

We then went to an Abbey, the humans love stuff like this, so do I, Mum and I explored every nook and cranny, every tile, and every ancient flagstone, so many memories, I can smell it all! Mum asks me to slow down, but I can’t, I smell the story of the place, the people that were here. How can I slow down when there is such richness to inhale?

Mum says, she was expecting too much of me, as I am young and on holiday, everything is new and too exciting for me. So, when we went on to visit a Priory, Mum and I stayed in the car. I wonder what story that building would have told me. I guess I will never know.

Later on, I played football with Mum and my BIG Bro’. They were telling each other creepy, real-life stories. Anyway, Mum told a story about an incident, that happened to her in her 20’s. Big bro’ didn’t seem bothered by it, but at about 2 am BIG Bro’s comes into the bedroom, puts his bedding on the floor, announces to Mum, that she “Has frightened” him and so here he will sleep. I take a deep breath, through my nose. Nope! No spooks here! I would smell them.




Today, I am 10 months old! I feel just like I did yesterday!

It is also the last full month of Summer. Mum says, this is the first year that she will be sad to see summer go, as it is the first time, she has ever given thanks to it, for its bright mornings and golden evenings. Being outside, helps her, with her feeling of  “Emptiness”.

 I help too!

Yesterday, we went for a long walk in a forest, the Bro’s and Dad fired Pinecone missiles at each other Then big Bro’ found a skeleton skull, with big horns. I tried to snatch it and run away, but he got it away in time. Why couldn’t I have found it? Grrrrr

We met a dog in the forest, I wanted to say a happy “Hello”, but my family stopped me, as apparently, my “Hellos” are more “Smashy than happy”.

 I of course, disagree.




The Bros and Tom, (Tom is my human Dad, but he is more formal than Mum, so I call him Tom)

Went to visit a Victorian town and because I am very enthusiastic about, well, about everything, Mum thought I should stay at the cottage with her. We went down to the stream in the woods. I was enjoying a good splash about when we heard what sounded like a gunshot!!! We booked it out of there pronto, well at least I did. The human (Mum) huffed and puffed her way out! Snarf!

We then went for an Adventure, up the lane and round the corn field. Sadly, I was not allowed to feast on the delicious smelling slurry that is piled high!

We then played football, but Mum said she wasn’t having fun, because I was “Hogging” the ball!

So, in we went, where I slept and dreamt by the AGA cooker…Maybe when I grow up, I will play for England…




Mum says we are leaving today. But I don’t know what she means. Leaving? Where are we going?

Anyway, yesterday, we went on another lovely forest walk. I did manage to snaffle some dog poo, but I got caught! It was worth it though! C’mon peeps turn those frowns upside down!

We then drove to a bakery for food. I waited patiently in the car for my sausage roll, but they hadn’t bought me anything! Even big Bro asked where my snack was! Mum at least had the decency to look ashamed! She did overcompensate with treats when we returned to the cottage. Good!

Later, Mum, bro and I went exploring in the woods. We went further than ever before. As we were bumbling along, there was, I will admit an odd sound, coming from deeper in the wood. Human sounding, but not exactly human. That was it! Before I could blink, Mum and Bro were crashing around and stumbling, trying to find a way out of the woods. The best part was, even though they were making so much noise, they were whispering to each other, as though that would muffle the racket they were making!

Still, it was funny to watch their clumsy, sluggish attempts at moving swiftly



So long!

Now I understand! We have moved back to our first home! Mum was very sad and her face got wet. She says she needs to be away from people! That she needs space! Me? All I want is my family and football. Bro , Mum and I played football in the back lane, it is not as big as the Cottage garden, but I like it. I can run around and that` makes Mum smile.

Mum put me to bed, I have a crate and a playpen, I went in quietly, because there are always treats in it. About an hour later, Mum came down and opened the playpen door. Saying she was sad, that I had just accepted my prison, after being free. In the way she was now once again, imprisoned behind the bars of her mind. Jeez Mum, lay off! As big Bro would say. “It ain’t that deep”




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